Bikini Wraps

Bikini wraps offer an alternative way to not just cover up but also dress up a swimsuit after a long day at the beach.  That is especially handy when you’ve worked up an appetite and want to grab a bite, or you stayed too long and need to rush on to the next thing.  Instead of taking the time to change, have a beautiful wrap ready and waiting in your beach bag.  Really all it takes is a colorful wrap, your favorite sandals and pair of stylish sun glasses and you will be ready to hit a beach side café for a delicious meal.

Bikini wraps come in such a wide variety of colors and prints; you will definitely want to pick one up to match each of your favorite bikinis.  There are wraps out there to suit any style and taste from short, basic white or black wrap skirts to long, flowing exotic print skirts.  Don’t be afraid to really crank up the style when it comes to picking out a wrap skirt, especially if you are wearing it with a solid bikini.  As a general rule, printed bikinis work best with either solid wraps or wraps with a large print so it will not clash with the bikinis smaller print.  With solid color bikinis, there are no rules – you should just have fun with it.  A sleek, black bikini is a great reason to buy an exotic, brightly colored wrap.

All you thong lovers out there have another reason to keep bikini wraps handy.  They are a sexy cover up that will get you to the beach without offending anyone while also offering you a more stylish alternative than a pair of shorts.  With a bikini top and wrap skirt on, no one will be able to tell you are wearing a thong until you get to your destination.  That is perfect for those beach destinations where wearing a thong off the beach may be frowned upon by the locals.